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About the Authors was created to provide a student-oriented and objective resource for prospective study-abroad students who want to learn Spanish in Spain. Student-oriented because this guide is the first to focus on what students should really get out of their Spanish study-abroad experience: an adventure that includes language learning, cultural exploration, European nightlife, international friends, and romance. Objective because students should learn how to choose the right program before trying to sift through all the information available online from different schools.

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The Reason for this Site

Before starting this site, I traveled to Spain twice and Mexico once on extended study-abroad programs. Each experience was vastly different from the others, in very unexpected ways. After talking to friends about similar surprises they had when studying in Spain, I realized that there is a lot of simple but vital information about the layout of Spain, the nature of study abroad programs, and the potential for amazing experiences that everyone should know before planning a trip.

My most recent trip to Spain involved weeks of research on different cities, different types of programs, and other potential countries to visit. I wish now that I had found a resource to walk me through the process of making a decision and give me some key insights. I created this site to share with others what I wish I had been able to read myself.

Our goal is to quickly and simply improve the quality of experience that people have studying abroad in Spain for the first time. Please let us know if this site was helpful to you. We appreciate your feedback.

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