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A Guys' Guide to the Ladies of Spain

If you set yourself up with the right program, you can find a girl in Spain in relatively short order. Given the nature of study abroad programs in Spain, people get together naturally and everyone has a great time. This article merely offers a few tips to get you off to a head start.

Your Classmates are Your Best Bets

While Spanish women are the most beautiful in Europe, they can be difficult to approach, especially in a short time. On the other hand, European vacationers who have enrolled in your school are operating on your terms. They're on their own Spanish adventure, perhaps looking for the same thing that you are. Also, you'll naturally be spending a lot of time with them, even living with them if you set up your program correctly, so they will certainly notice you and your charming American style.

To help the students in your program gel with each other (and you), make sure that everyone gets together at night after school. Nothing makes Spain drag like a lack of social outings at night. So, if you're staying in an apartment or dorm, invite people over as soon as you can. If not, invite yourself over to someone else's place. It's okay to be rude because people expect that of Americans! Once you have your first get-together after school, everyone will be pals by morning.

Spanish Hotties

If, instead, your heart is set on Spanish women, try to get to know the friends of the people who help run the school. Teachers and administrators are often young and well connected in the community, so they'll introduce you to lots of attractive Spanish ladies.

Just like in America, single women head to bars and clubs in groups looking for a little male attention. In Spain's party scene, it's best to find your own crew of guys to arrive with, but after that you can work your magic as you please.

Use the Spanish Setting to Ignite a Spark

Spain is a very intimate and sensual environment, full of beautiful vistas, elegant old buildings, warm seas and charming public parks. Around every corner you will find spots that are better shared with a beautiful girl than photographed alone.

Once you meet someone in your school that you take a liking to, invite her to go exploring the town with you. There's nothing wrong with targeting a main attraction like a museum, but you might find more intimacy just walking through a cute Spanish neighborhood with her. Ask around for a nice park or bench overlooking the ocean and you'll be setting yourself up for success.

No Time to Hesitate

You may not be used to asking people out to go wandering about the city with you, but know that Spain is different. In Spain, people do things together. Just tell yourself, "Spain is an exceedingly social place." Also, when people sign up for study-abroad programs, they want to get to know other students.

All signs point to the fact that you should start after a girl as soon as you feel some positive chemistry. If you're not careful, some slick Italian guy will snatch up the girl of your dreams while you're still trying to figure out if she speaks any English. Things happen fast in study-abroad programs, so don't miss the boat.

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