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Guide to Men and Romance in Spain

If you set yourself up with the right program, you can find a guy to share Spain with in relatively short order. Given the nature of these programs, people get together naturally and everyone has a great time. This article merely offers a few tips to get you off to a head start.

On the Topic of Spanish Men

Spanish men are no doubt attractive, often funny and charming, certainly forward, and often gentlemen. Flirting and courting are very much a part of everyday life, so expect to get hit on if you put yourself out there. If the Spanish guys you see aren't approaching you directly, you can bet that they're chatting about you under their breath. The one thing to know about Spanish men is that they're accustomed to dealing with Spanish women, who are not as casual about romance as Americans. Spanish guys are accustomed to having to work for the ladies, and tend to be attentive, forward, and suave as a result.

Meeting Spanish guys shouldn't be too hard once you're there. First, you can get to know your teachers and administrators at the program you attend, who often have cute friends who will be happy to show you around town. If you're staying with a host family, have them introduce you to people in town. Finally, you can simply wander the beach in the Costa del Sol or Costa Blanca, or find a club with your friends.

The Spanish guys we know would welcome the idea of a short but sweet encounter with an American study-abroad student. Beware, though, that Spaniards may have preconceived notions about Americans being promiscuous and therefore might treat you differently than they would a Spanish girl.

Landing a Fellow Classmate

If you don't have your heart set on Spanish guys, your fellow classmates are a perfect group to scout for prospects. They will be a group of attractive European vacationers who have enrolled in school alongside you, conducting their own Spanish adventure. You'll naturally be spending a lot of time with them, even living with them if you set up your program correctly, so they will certainly notice you and your charming American style. It's true that the whole world seems to have a thing for American girls.

Within a community of study-abroad students, romance develops very quickly. Don't hesitate or some sultry Dutch girl will snatch up that gorgeous Italian guy you've been eyeing while you're still trying to figure out if he speaks English. Ask the guy of your choice to go exploring the city with you and you'll undoubtedly find some romantic nook to pass away a warm evening together. Warm Spanish nights put everybody in the mood.

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