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Spain is Best Enjoyed in the Company of a Hottie

Studying abroad in a language school in Spain is great for learning Spanish, but even better for dabbling in a bit of romance. If you're going to cross the Atlantic, make your trip as memorable as possible. Below, you can read our take on how to find someone special while cruising through España.

Great Options Lead to Great Choices

Any time of year, Spain is teeming with beautiful people. Spanish men have that charming Mediterranean aura shared by the Greeks and Italians. Spanish women are truly in a league of their own -- breaking hearts the world over. The tourists that come from Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands are often as attractive as the Spaniards. Even the Americans who end up in Spain are good-looking relative to the homeland.

The result of this glut of raw beauty is simple: whatever your type is, you'll find some very impressive specimens in Spain. If you're accustomed to having to look far and wide for someone who interests you, your problem will be solved.

High-Speed Interpersonal Access

Romance springs forth automatically within any group of study-abroad students in Spain. The trick to partaking of this phenomenon while in Spain is to accept the short time frame of study-abroad programs. You can count on meeting someone interesting just days after arriving, but you'll have to act fast to take advantage of (the time you have with) him or her.

If you had all the time in the world, you could surely find love, romance, a fling, a cuddle-buddy or as much hanky-panky you want without any of our advice. But, the fact is that you will have very little time to act. Relax, but be prepared. Read our short, easy-to-remember tips to finding what you want and all will work out for the best.

Guide for guys: How to get a girl in Spain.

Guide for girls: An introduction to the men of Spain.

We apologize for the heterosexual bias of our guides, but we lack the expertise to write on behalf of those with other preferences. If you think you can help us remedy this, send us your thoughts.

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