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Map of Spain: Top Study-Abroad Cities

The Great Cities of Spain

You may want to begin with our Spanish city guide. We have thus far created guides for the following cities.

  • Barcelona -- a culture- and history-rich large city on the eastern coast, and home to Antonio Gaudí's famous architecture.
  • Madrid -- Spain's amazing capital, home of the royal family and world-class art collections.
  • Valencia, Alicante and the Costa Blanca -- The east coast of Spain offers an industrial but charming large city, a precious but provincial old port town and 300 miles of perfect beach in between.
  • Seville -- The charming and historic heart of Spain's southern Andalucía region.
  • Málaga, Cádiz and the Costa del Sol -- A beautiful string of old coastal cities on the southern coast, perfect for students looking for a smaller city setting.

There are other wonderful places to study abroad in Spain, including smaller towns in central Spain such as Segovia and Avila, the historically rich Salamanca in the East and Grenada in the South, and many more. We hope to include these in our city guide someday, but at present we lack the expertise to cover them. If you have studied abroad in a city not listed above and would like to contribute your insight to our city guide, please contact us with your thoughts.

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The Guide to Spanish Cities for Study Abroad Students -- The essential guide to choosing the right city for your study-abroad adventure.

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